How to join a wind Hand Pulled Noodle Hall

How to join a wind Hand Pulled Noodle Hall

why a wind, so Hand-Pulled Noodle welcomed by consumers, so favored by investors, from the production craft of speaking, you’re not what hard to join the brand.

a well-known Feng Tang soup to use different parts of the pig bones, after multiple cooking process, can make pork flavor soup, meet the tastes of customers. The noodles while in secret formula is made of flour, tobacco taste refreshing and tough, elastic teeth at the same time, according to the Japanese traditional exquisite thickness, the wind out of the hall Hand-Pulled Noodle innovative taste, without losing the flavor of traditional Japanese Hand-Pulled Noodle.


wind hall named after the color of soup Pill – new flavor and taste the white pill yuan, also become Hand-Pulled Noodle industry index, the Hand-Pulled Noodle shops are to follow suit. Wind, adhering to the principle of "continuous innovation" stick to the traditional? The purpose, to provide customers with excellent fresh ingredients, traditional Japanese cooking methods, production process Hand-Pulled Noodle sawuteed soup, will bring the most authentic Japanese Hand-Pulled Noodle China diners. In 2012, a wind hall officially landed in mainland China, now in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Beijing, Chengdu and other major cities have been well received.

Hand-Pulled Noodle Tang wind join advantage

wind, the current global stores more than 120, in addition to outside Japan, footprints all over the international metropolis, including New York, Sydney, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Seoul, Taipei, Hongkong, even need to wait every day with every seat taken, more than an hour, still attract a large number of customers are attracted to. Customers in many international celebrity stars, such as: SMAP, Harrison, Ford, Alba? Jessica? Anne Hathaway, and Jackie Chan Rain?.

the wind, Hand-Pulled Noodle how to join? A look at the wind, Hand-Pulled Noodle procedure You’ll see..

1, investment advisory: through telephone, fax, online message, etc. to the headquarters of the initial understanding of project information.

2, field investigation: to the headquarters of the project investigation, visit the store, confirm the project, submit an application.

3, qualification: headquarters for investors to review and confirm the qualifications of investors.

4, signed a contract: the two sides confirmed the results of the investigation without controversy, formally signed a contract.

5, pay the cost: investors to choose the type of investment to the headquarters to pay the relevant costs.

6, headquarters training: the headquarters of the arrangements for investors to carry out technical training, management training, staff training, etc..

7, store decoration: headquarters for investors to provide decoration guidance, and design guidance

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