What kind of breast is too big ‘s health network

What kind of breast is too big ‘s health network

normal perfect breast: 240-300 cubic centimeters, mild breast hypertrophy: 400-600 cm, moderate hypertrophy breast: 600-800 cm, severe breast hypertrophy: 800-1000 cubic centimeters, volume of more than 1500 cubic centimeters for macromastia.

There are two

so, what kind of breast is called breast hypertrophy?

The shape and size of the

measurement of breast volume can be used in two ways:

second, with the volume of the breast as the standard. From the shape, the breast is divided into disc type, hemisphere type, cone type and drooping type, from the point of view of the beauty of the hemisphere or the most beautiful breasts. Each breast size and body weight should be proportional to her. When a breast than the "normal" or "perfect" breast volume increased by 50%, indicating that breast hypertrophy. According to the size of the breast can be divided into 5 breast size:

breast breast uplift by It differs from man to man., height and shape can be divided into disc, hemispherical, conical and drooping shape. According to the difference of the high starting point and long milk under the bust (called cup difference) to breast were divided into 7 grades, grade l-7, 13 cup difference is 10 and 15 17, 22, 20, and 25 cm above, the larger the value that the greater the breast. The shape of the breast of women in China is mostly disc shaped, hemispherical, cup difference in 10-20 cm. Breast shape and size and racial relations are close, yellow for disc or hemispherical and small, black is more droop, cup difference is also large, white is conical, the difference is less than a cup of black.

Article 1, with the weight of the breast as the standard. Normal breast weight of 200-350 grams, more than 350 grams can be seen as breast hypertrophy. 350-500 grams for mild hypertrophy, 500-800 g for moderate hypertrophy, 800-1500 g for severe hypertrophy, greater than 1500 g for breast disease.

is calculated by measuring the height of the breast, the base and the width of the front end, and the other is a container filled with water, placed in the container of the breast, according to the amount of water to be calculated.

women of different ages, may have breast hypertrophy, the reasons are different. Children’s abnormal hyperplasia of breast hypertrophy is a manifestation of precocious puberty, most of which are related to endocrine abnormalities. And middle-aged women breast hypertrophy, the main reason is the accumulation of local fat, a small number of breast stromal fibers or breast gland hyperplasia. Treatment of the breast should be used to reduce breast cosmetic surgery, such as is also can use local liposuction for fat accumulation. Some young women or adolescent breast hypertrophy, there will be unilateral or bilateral breast hypertrophy, some visible breast hypertrophy to the lower abdomen. This phenomenon not only cause back pain, but also the formation of a bad habit, but also because of the appearance of beauty does not affect the patient’s psychological, often have a sense of inferiority. The lesions of the breast are fat accumulation, mammary stroma fibers, mammary glands


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