Love with a pie with Henan College Students

Love with a pie with Henan College Students

is now among the many entrepreneurs, college students who are not in the minority, and the success stories of College entrepreneurship is also common, the following is to introduce you to a story of a small business venture in Zhengzhou.

Li is a graduate student in Zhengzhou, he usually is a very economically minded people, people are very smart, very high evaluation in the students, after graduation, he did not like the other students to go to Zhengzhou talent market looking for work, your resume. Because he had in college really want to start your own business, so he just graduated, looking for venture investment project, every day in the network search, in reality investigation, by chance one day, he saw in front of a store in line for a very long, he was very curious Coushang see is with pie the shop, he had never eaten, looking for a people of the same age with the pie so delicious you ask, how we have such long queues to buy, the man just said one sentence: "good to eat, you eat not to know"


students with Henan maiduo pie

Li in the curious heart also queuing to buy a pork pie with mushrooms, eat this, not only let him feel with the delicious pie, but also let him find inspiration, since this maiduo pie so delicious, so popular, that’s why I have a try later! He found the shop, the boss asked a lot, that the store is maiduo pie stores, but also with pie to join and do not need to sell some trouble, spend too much money, the headquarters will put all their solution, only need to spend thousands of dollars to the cost of training, which for a newly graduated college students, is undoubtedly a great opportunity to start


did, Mike immediately take a taxi to go to the headquarters to join with the pie, the manager is a warm reception for him, in that Li is a university graduates, the thumbs up and said: "you is really a smart child, now the market is close to saturation, it is hard to start a business, you have a good eye, can I found in just graduated from us, we will do business on your college must give preferential support". Xiao Li and smiled and said: "Oh, energy-saving, I also happened to be, God is kind to me, I happened to see a pie with stores, to see their business is so prosperous, I can not move".

day, Xiao Li has signed a contract for training, joined with the pie joined a member of the team.


follow-up after the training, the headquarters to Xiao Li in Zhengzhou selected sites for renovation plan, officially opened less than a month’s time, his shop is also a long row of the team, Mike every day looking at these people in the queue, feeling very pleased and proud.

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