The food and beverage industry is good to do really do not ask such a question

The food and beverage industry is good to do really do not ask such a question

according to the relevant economic data show that Chinese enterprises are also the fastest growing food and beverage industry, food and beverage revenue in 2016 compared to last year, any significant rise. From 2012 the introduction of the central provisions of the eight volume, Chinese catering industry once stumbled, but for the food and beverage giant can not so easily die, after several years of reform, China food and beverage industry continues to heat up. Now that the situation has improved, there are many catering enterprises in the face of the transformation of bankruptcy?

has a set of data tells us that there is no bad industry, only bad boss.

why not do business? During the visit, a restaurant owner may explain the reality. In short supply, whose business is good, food and beverage companies ignore the product, business, management and other aspects of the upgrade. Now the situation has changed, food and beverage structural surplus, catering people are still operating with the old ideas, business is not good to do."

is not the market is not good, but we do too bad, some food people so sigh.

yes, people come to the restaurant to eat, if the food is not good, the service is not in place, the environment is not comfortable, then how business can be good? In other words, put yourself in the customer’s point of view, who would like to choose such a hotel?!

who can deny that the rapid pace of modern life, high frequency, eating out has become the main way of urban life. If the food is good, good service, good environment, coupled with reasonable prices, business is not good to think hard.

why not do business? In fact, you are not doing a good job!

do not believe you see, when a lot of people are saying that the traditional food is not going to work, there are other restaurants, step by step out of their own way. If the market is a test, they from the service details, dishes, experience, etc., gives a different answer, but scored high.

society to develop, to survive, we must eat, eat is always a top priority. Food and beverage will always be the best project in the world. Do not do good to see if you have that kind of confidence.

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