Watch the event Xining criterium Mark’s thief

Watch the event Xining criterium Mark’s thief

The road is very smooth, very rough running. The opener of the arena, the phenomena and results of all sorts of strange things will happen.People watching the

throughout the game yesterday, the 22 participating teams are not "good stubble", not on the plateau to ride more than and 100 kilometers, can form the final mass sprint situation. From the beginning of the game quickly warming, the players left right and left to try to break through, but rarely successful. To 8.3 kilometers, Qinghai tianyoude team Wu Shengjun "sudden" out for a while, but the gap is too small, will soon be back. This is a short more than and 20 seconds, the scene through the LED screen to watch the live audience excited, clenched fist stamped his feet and shouted: "come on, come on, come on, Wu Shengjun."

until lap third the situation was changed a little, the 7 members of prominent clusters formed from a group. The first sprint points this ring is arranged in this stage of the war, a significant escalation. Grab a point to calculate a point, who can control who ah! Come on, the first sprint points, Southeast of Italy’s No. 27 Luca the first hit line, Team USA luppus No. 136 followed by Nicholas, Ukraine’s Kors Vasily J No. 62 get third.

"40 seconds, 36 seconds, 26 seconds, 10 seconds……" Less and less time to say – the leading group is dangerous. The heart of the team leader also understand that the swallow is sooner or later, have to look for opportunities. Sure enough, the game into the 102 km, the leading figure gradually submerged in the waves behind. Competition to this time, and then the possibility of two groups have been very small, and the line and stick to it, to the last 3 km to endure the killer".

team getting closer, the end point bell kept shaking speed up the people’s heart. The last two kilometers, has been hidden in;

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