Really hard work to implement the two better and better

Really hard work to implement the two better and better

1 17, deputy secretary of provincial Party committee, acting governor Wang Jianjun attended the six meeting of the twelve National People’s Congress of Yushu, Guoluo, Huangnan delegation. He stressed the need to conscientiously implement the general secretary Xi Jinping proposed "to the development of more and better, let the people live better and better" major requirements, in accordance with the focus on this mission wangguosheng secretary in participating in the deliberations, a one implementation requirement, let the people of all ethnic groups on this piece of land to live more happiness.

review, the delegates on the construction of the source of Sanjiang National Park, the development of the characteristics of ecological animal husbandry, to create high-end tourism and cultural brands, education, poverty alleviation and other medical content made a statement. Wang Jianjun listened carefully and recorded, from time to time to ask about the situation and discuss with you. He fully affirmed Yushu, Guoluo, Huangnan in recent years, ecological protection, economic development, improving people’s livelihood achievements.

in the Yushu delegation, Wang Jianjun pointed out that Yushu should stick to the ecological red, ecological protection is better for the future value, correctly handle the current and long-term, protection and utilization, the relation between value and remodeling, let the river water to the east. Keep the stability of the bottom line, inherit and carry forward the spirit of the reconstruction of Yushu, thanks to forge ahead, safeguard national harmony, religious harmony, social harmony, a good situation. Adhere to the main line of development, focusing on the advantages of the industry to do the article, carefully build tourism brand, deepen cooperation with Beijing counterpart aid green, promote green development.

in the Golog delegation, Wang Jianjun pointed out that it is necessary to further the province on the views of Golog accelerate economic and social development and implement, continued afterburner in ecological and environmental protection, and make greater contributions to the national ecological security barrier and build a strong source of Sanjiang. In accelerating the development of the continuous development of the short board, both to fill the infrastructure hard short board, but also completed the public service soft short board. In the protection and improvement of people’s livelihood continued afterburner, in particular, to fight the fight against poverty, so that people of all ethnic groups get more benefits. In the maintenance of social harmony and stability continue to force, to ensure long-term stability, sustained and stable, comprehensive stability. Continued strength in the strengthening green counterpart aid work, deepening and all aspects of Shanghai exchanges, push to accelerate the development of guoluo.

delegation in Huangnan, Wang Jianjun pointed out that, in accordance with the requirements of the central and provincial, and constantly deepen the understanding of the state of the situation, the opportunity always have to have an open mind and mind, to fulfill the responsibility of a generation of people. Adhere to the unity of the theory of continuous development and development stage, we must strengthen confidence, determination, but also to maintain concentration, both to think, but also to do, but also to do a good job, and orderly development of Huangnan. In the effort to complete the hard short board at the same time, pay attention to the soft short board, in particular, to vigorously develop useful personnel for the construction of Huangnan, lay the foundation for sustainable development. With the modernization of the concept of building a modern Tibetan region, people in contemporary thought must keep pace with the times, not only to maintain the national style, but also reflects the era of gas, and promote the sustainable development of Huangnan.

during the meeting, Wang Jianjun on the three state education and health care is concerned, he asked in detail about the remote schools, hydatid disease prevention etc., emphasizing the historical view, the responsibility of the nation pays special attention to the education, make education today "seed;

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