The summer chest does not shrink simple breast movement perfect shape curve of female health n

The summer chest does not shrink simple breast movement perfect shape curve of female health n

The need for

three, dumbbell breast

2, right foot support, right hand holding the left after lifting, chest, head, upper body stretch, about 5 times the exchange.

a, OL chair chest exercise

2, upright, legs close together, hands on both sides, in the lower chest breath, pressed on both sides of the breast, and then the two arm up, repeat the exercise 10 times.

2 kilogram dumbbell training

1, knee to the ground, the palm of the hand to the front of the ground, the fingers inward, the body upright decline, and then push up, repeat the practice 6-8 times.

1, legs open, elbow lateral raise arms, shoulder and fingers relaxed home before, then his arms along the shoulder axis, straight forward, two cubits forward, upward, backward, circling downward, around to the starting position, repeat 10 times.

(responsible editor: Teng Xiaolan)

two, use the hand to carry out the pressure movement

often sits on the desk of OL, is also a good way to use the seat to do chest movement. As long as the hands on the back of a chair, for about 10 prominent chest posture, to strengthen the chest ligaments.

1, the wall pressure: facing the wall, keep a distance with the wall arm, relax your shoulders, eyes straight ahead, hands on the wall and shoulder level, body straight, inhale and exhale slowly diffuse pressure near the wall, and the long straight arm, repeated 10 times, gradually increasing, the last to do 30 times.

chest can be described as a woman’s second face, plump breasts will not only enhance the temperament of women, but also make women more confident. But with the arrival of summer, losing weight has become a topic of concern to women, but are unable to avoid any weight loss methods will make the chest shrink, so we want some chest movement to the chest fullness recovery and charming curve.


every day, first star friends, each movement 10-15 times, and then gradually increase the training time to. Please note: it is to increase the number of training, rather than health dumbbell weight.

four, standing breast method

2, palm pressure: two palms relative to the pressure of a medium sized ball, placed in front of the chest, slowly count to 8, and then release. Do at least 8 times a day, and then gradually increase.

on the breast

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