To build up a bridge for the service of the common people a sketch of the social service manageme

To build up a bridge for the service of the common people a sketch of the social service manageme

October 7th, the last day of vacation, the reporter walked into the Xining city is located in the north of Chaoyang lane two of the province’s first social service management information command center, the only indoor full-color LED 24 inch large screen is displayed on the real-time situation of main roads and street within the jurisdiction of the video monitoring, remote operation, voice service, information on dynamic comprehensive management and analysis…… Everything is busy and orderly.

"5112345" public service "call" the masses satisfaction

"hello! Hello, may I ask what you need help……" As long as the phone rings, the staff will be patient and meticulous to answer questions. Yesterday 12:40, all-weather, full range, the whole program to monitor the supervision of the 5112345 call hotline ringing, Ms. Lin is a public consultation cable customer service related matters. Seat operator told reporters: 5112345 pure public welfare services platform. Covers policy consulting, public services, complaints, involving the public in all aspects of daily life, when receiving public help or telephone consultation, staff will be based on user needs, transfer to the relevant government departments, or the appropriate service providers, docking demand and service. And in the shortest possible time for the return of the phone to hear the masses satisfied answer.

call center in the public service information platform, a few points, phone number, and related matters for the results, visit the situation were visible before the eyes in addition to electronic information management, paper processing public service hotline calls, call center is the form of a single page detailing the contents and call handling.

reporter in the call records show see: 7:40 on October 4th, a tourist from Xinjiang vehicle wheel tire in the Qaidam Road No. 199, to call the call center to find the nearest garage; visits are "very satisfied". Field staff in operation on the page to open up the area of the enterprises in the information list, public information service center will be the area all the business address, telephone number, service items included in all, whenever I encounter a call for help, the center will in minutes to provide the most effective information.

according to statistics, eight days long holiday call center to deal with an average of 4.6 hotline every day. Since the establishment of public service call center in early August, a total of more than and 100 received a total of political policy advice, public services, complaints complaints, which accounted for more than 60% of public services.

agent operator told reporters: on weekdays when most calls center every day up to more than 30, more specific chores are closely linked with people’s life and work. It is these happenings that make government, enterprises and the masses of three party communication, reciprocity, mutual benefit, it is used to change the truth of the heart.

Fine management of

grid population information

from the large area to the community to specific;

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