Build system the Xining municipal government to face the network of public opinion

Build system the Xining municipal government to face the network of public opinion

"The same area in the treatment of rural teachers how different", "why do we not see digital TV", "please pay attention to the train station after the traffic problem", "a certain bus too little", "why the teacher refused to", "enterprise shantytowns how to change", "somewhere in the greenhouse in a serious shortage of water" and "morning becomes a nuisance"…… Through the network to reflect the problem, put forward demands has become an important channel for the expression of public opinion. Municipal government office in accordance with the instructions of the municipal Party committee, mayor Wang Yubo, take a number of initiatives to promote the government system in the form of government work to achieve significant results. Many of the problems reflected by the network has been resolved and answered in a timely manner, by the Internet users.

in June 6th this year, deputy secretary of Municipal Committee, mayor Wang Yubo, in the evening time to open a new network. Browse the Internet to see the work of all aspects of Xining, after a lot of messages, Wang Yubo carefully read and download all. From the livelihood of the people to trivial matter, a pile of a piece, are affecting the mayor’s heart. Wang Yubo immediately to the Municipal Government Secretary General Wang Yanming made instructions, according to the requirements of departments and regions to implement the division of responsibilities, personnel and responsibilities, proper attention, for the Internet and other media messages, letters from the masses, and constantly sum up experience, and gradually improve the management level.

Wang Yubo pointed out that an important platform for newspapers and other media propaganda is not only the party and the government’s policies and measures, but also the general public to reflect the important channel of public opinion and suggestions to the government. Looks like a small problem, for each individual is the impact of life, affect the work, and even affect the physical and mental health and even the future of big things. Therefore, we must attach importance to the network of political work, the masses and the problem has been verified after careful research and supervision. To be responsible to the people the spirit of the media reflect the masses of criticism, suggestions and opinions, demands to achieve full acceptance, management, reply, to form a good interaction with the media, to promote the government work to serve the people. To form a "people ask, I will have to be" mechanism, let the network of political system, let the newspaper and the network media has become the government to improve the efficiency of supervision, promote an effective platform for execution; let the government only more enlightened "ears".

in accordance with the instructions of Wang Yubo, the municipal government office specifically on the matter of research and deployment, and issued the "notice concerning matters for the work of the media to reflect the requirements, all localities and departments should attach great importance to this work, responsibility, a clear mandate to strengthen measures to effectively do newspapers, Internet and other media to reflect collecting and handling work items. Carefully handle the news, forum, blog, online message reflects the way involved in various regions and departments work of the masses difficulties, opinions and suggestions, complaints and public attention sensitive, hot events etc.. Municipal government e-government center in a timely manner to the Xining evening news, Xinhua, people’s daily, the Qinghai provincial government network, Qinghai news network, the government portal and other media users to browse messages to download, through the media to reflect the matter left;

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