Build civilized communities to share a happy life

Build civilized communities to share a happy life

Bridge Street office Party committee secretary Ju Wenbin: West newspaper organized this activity is very good, civilized community contest is building civilized communities and share the happiness of life "in a way that is to mobilize the public to actively participate in building a harmonious community, a meaningful activity in the construction of a harmonious society. Through the extensive participation of the public, to establish a good model of the community, on the one hand, for the community to provide a comprehensive demonstration of their own stage, on the other hand to mobilize the community to pay attention to support the construction of a harmonious community. I hope the metropolis newspaper can often hold civilized community selection activities, let more community in striving to show the charm of civilized community.

residents Yan Yonglin: Jia small community has many low-income families and people in need of help, the community to help them solve a lot of difficulties in life, to send them to rice, flour, coal and other household goods. In short, the community has done a lot to make the elderly and the difficulties of the masses are satisfied with the matter, I hope the small community can be selected into the civilized community.

community director Hua Chengze: civilized community selection activities not only caused the majority of readers of the hot, but also by the relevant departments of attention. The community is an important part of the modern city, and the harmony of the community can promote the harmony of the society. Our community is actively building a service-oriented community, I hope the community services to allow more residents to benefit. You are welcome to participate in the "Amway Cup" the first Xining civilized community selection activities, participation: micro-blog:; QQ: 130882704; 15897081303; send messages to mail to the Yangtze River Road Xining City, No. 5 West City newspaper Xiaowei ma. Zip code: 810000. (author: Ma Xiaowei)

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