Xining stadium for major surgery more than 2 thousand seats all new

Xining stadium for major surgery more than 2 thousand seats all new

March 5th, the author from the Xining Municipal Stadium to understand, in order to improve the competition capacity, give people a more full fitness facilities in Xining City, the west end of the stadium for 50 days starting from the maintenance of February 28th, during the west stand more than 2 thousand seats will be renewed.

5 days early in the morning, I see in the city of Xining in the west end of the stadium, the workers are busy, stands on both sides of the old seat has been demolished, although the west stand in the construction of the stadium, but there are still people in the gym. The stadium responsible person said that the Xining Municipal Stadium built from 2002, I have been the major sports and fitness venues, but a lot of equipment and facilities aging year by year, have effect on fitness reception events and people, the standard in 2012 has laid a basis for football lawn and plastic runway on the west stand, aiming at the problem of Water Leakage serious podium equipment, aging facilities, from February 28th to April 20th, the city of Xining stadium by the national special funds for replacement and repair of the west stand originally equipment, of which more than 2 thousand audience seats will be all renewed.

it is understood that the west stand walls, bathrooms, circuits, podium, lobby, power grids will be the same transformation or repair, but this does not affect the public into the stadium for physical exercise. (author: Kim and

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