To Xining you will fall in love with summer

To Xining you will fall in love with summer

September 2nd, reporters from the Xining Municipal Tourism Bureau, the first China music tourism micro film "love summer" in mid July up smoothly, is currently in post production orderly, on-line in September 7th. By then, the premiere ceremony is still · Malone Xining concert will be held in Qinghai grand theatre.

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, the premiere, the micro film premiere will last about twenty minutes, micro film side will also interact with the audience live. The International Piano Master is still · Malone will come to Xining again, will bring him to the world of music and his special for the music of Xining. The concert will be an important part of Xining culture, and this song will also become a cultural symbol of Xining.

Xining City Vice Mayor Tong Wang said, Xining City, making the micro film, is the hope that through this new form of micro film, the local folk music culture and natural scenery and human landscape into one, the use of network channels and the world famous pianist is Malone & middot; the power of music, for high-end people love and freedom for young people, to promote the Xining natural beauty, cultural beauty. Hope that through this micro film, so that the outside world concerned about Xining, longing for Xining, approached Xining, Xining experience to bring you cool, quiet, pure feeling. People often say that winter tour Sanya, Xining is now ready to add a word in this sentence summer tour Xining, to Xining, you fell in love with the summer. (author: Yang Jian)


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