Analysis on the present situation of education O2O

Analysis on the present situation of education O2O

we know that the Internet era, everything has become the same as before, take the education industry, and now the education industry has begun to take the 020 mode. It has been predicted that the current O2O platform for education within two years of transformation into a body, in fact, this is not a prediction, which is only the status quo.

based on this model, in fact, many of the existing O2O education look bad reason is not established, because the analysis of the skin you can’t look at other people lining.

before I thought this kind of mode of O2O regardless of their educational success, a lot of small enough to accelerate the death education and training institutions. Now, I broke the pattern tucson. It is understood that some education to their O2O platform trading volume, not only to the intermediary does not dig the teacher, also with open arms and some small and medium-sized institutions, the mechanism of the teacher students are back up, give subsidies to institutions. After reading this, I think some education O2O is some small training institutions savior?

the core demands of all this chaos is mostly for financing. Well, some people will say, do not brush single platform to do O2O, I reckon is similar, but how different brush method is very large, can brush out a future is very different. You say these investors know? I reckon certainly know, but for various purposes such as them, think this is a necessary stage, such as to find disk access man, for example, is not known to outsiders for various purposes…… In short, the soil and the environment is like this.


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