Giant star 3D three dimensional painting today unveiled

Giant star 3D three dimensional painting today unveiled

The eighth session of the FIRST youth film exhibition opening soon, the film festival, the "expert review" and "ambassadors" will arrive in Xining on the first 19. In order to create a festive atmosphere for the festival, then, with a huge theme painting three-dimensional image of the star will be assigned to you this year the festival activities of the main position of Xining Richpower Commercial Plaza lane, I believe will be attracted to the citizens of Xining to stop looking, self stop.

it is reported that the theme of the stars shine three-dimensional painting area of nearly 100 square meters, such a large format 3D three-dimensional painting settled in Xining, or the first time. As the main position of this exhibition activities, limeng commercial Lane in the stellar studios will also assume 31 screenings during the festival, which also includes the opening film "colorful sky" and "blue bones" closing film screenings. In addition, the open-air screenings Richpower Commercial Plaza began to 25 Lane eight night will be held the theme of "movie night" from July 22nd, from Taiwan, Hongkong, Beijing, the United States of the 12 film in 4 evening screenings, I believe that will attract a large number of people come to spend together, movie nights.

is reserved for aspects of the annual film festival this year, volunteers in recognition of the General Assembly will be held in the commercial plaza, limeng Lane will award the FIRST Youth Film Festival ambassador Deng Chao will personally for hard lovely young volunteers decorated, thanks to some contribution they make in the festival during the.


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