The school canteen food hygiene exposure in mice

The school canteen food hygiene exposure in mice

day before the net exposure Sichuan a school canteen food, and there are many health problems, even the mouse often infested in the canteen. In addition, the school requires students to eat in the cafeteria, not out dining.

according to the writer introduce students, he is the southern county third middle school students, because the school requires students not to go out, only eat in the school cafeteria, so long to eat at school. But the student said, in the school cafeteria dining process, but found a lot of health problems.

as to why the school asked the students to eat in school, Education Bureau responded that the move is because outside vendors unlicensed food safety hazards exist, and external traffic is large, easily lead to accidents.

"from the survey results, the South County third middle school management more standardized, but there are also some omissions, we ask them to strengthen health management, improve the canteen management system, and improve food safety publicity and education, so as to guarantee the school food safety." Southern county bureau of education official said.

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