Early breast cancer abnormal female health network

Early breast cancer abnormal female health network

breast lumps in the breast tumor growth, sometimes without obvious symptoms, patients often in dressing, bathing, scratching, self inspection or examination found.

nipple and areola of breast skin erosion or ulcer often pagetoid performance.

axillary lymph node enlargement when the axillary lymph nodes, can feel a sense of squeezing objects in the armpit, or in the arm when you can feel a prominent tumor in the armpit. Some of the "occult breast cancer" can be seen as no breast mass and only axillary lymph node enlargement.

In recent years,

has made rapid progress in the diagnosis and treatment, the cure rate is obviously improved, and the 5 year survival rate of the early patients is more than 85%.

breast skin "orange peel like" when the cancer and skin adhesion, skin due to poor drainage and lymph edema, which is in the "orange peel like".

35 years old female friend, in the awareness of breast cancer in the early warning situation, adhere to a month.


in breast cancer

The early warning of

inflammatory breast cancer showed significantly increased breast, skin irritation, rapid progress, which is a unique expression of inflammatory breast cancer, sometimes misdiagnosed as mastitis and breast abscess, but anti-inflammatory treatment is invalid.

above is the clinical manifestations of early or early breast cancer, early warning. As the disease progresses, the mass will continue to increase, can be ulcerated, still can appear the supraclavicular lymph node, bone pain, back pain, abdominal pain, abdominal mass, anemia and wasting and a series of advanced symptoms.

asymmetry of both sides of the breast when the size of the tumor volume increase or adhesion with the chest wall, so that the affected side of the breast in size, shape and other side with the opposite. There is a called "scirrhous" breast cancer, the nipple reduction, the nipple elevation is particularly prominent.

nipple retraction due to the gradual enlargement of the cancer, the invasion of the breast and the basilar part of the retraction of the nipple retraction, clinical also known as nipple retraction".

breast cancer is a malignant tumor that occurs in breast tissue, which is closely related to endocrine.

most countries in the world, the incidence and mortality of breast cancer is still slow and continuous rise. Good hair age is 40 ~ 60 years old. Over 35 years old in China accounted for about 96%. Breast cancer grows on the surface of the body.

self checking

for early detection of breast cancer, the majority of female friends is very necessary to pay attention to and understanding of some early warning of breast cancer. The early warning of breast cancer is mainly manifested in the following aspects:

breast pain in some cases with breast pain, pain, dull pain or tingling.

from the nipple nipple blood discharge out hemorrhagic secretions, often ductal carcinoma of the breast, should be medical examination, and intraductal papilloma of breast benign lesions such as differential.

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