Safety in production must adhere to nip in the bud

Safety in production must adhere to nip in the bud

July 2nd, the city held the third meeting of work safety. At the meeting, vice mayor Xu Guocheng to the city’s production safety work in the first half of this year’s achievements fully affirmed, and the requirements of the member units whenever should always tighten the string of safety, we must always adhere to nip in the bud.

it is reported that in the first half of this year, the joint efforts of all levels of the city, the city’s production safety situation is very stable. In the first half, the city produced a total of 54 kinds of safety accidents, the death of 27 people, compared with the same period last year, the indicators have declined. At the meeting, the City Safety Supervision Bureau informed the first half of this year, the city’s production safety work, and focus on the third quarter production safety arrangements.

after listening to the report, Xu Guocheng asked the municipal security committee member units from the six aspects of the second half of the production safety work. First, we must thoroughly study and implement the CPC Central Committee and State Council, the provincial government on the work of production safety important instructions, always keep in mind the general secretary of the bottom line thinking, red line consciousness requirements. The two is to resolutely implement the work of the city to create a safe production of experts to check hidden dangers, enterprises to implement the strict supervision of government activities, for the rectification of the enterprise to take strong measures to achieve zero tolerance". Three is to combine the characteristics of the current urban development, focusing on flood season, festival, tourism, transportation safety work. The four is to do a good job of urban pipe network safety work, the development of emergency measures to solve the problem of urban water caused by rainfall. Five is the various units, departments should implement the main responsibility, establish a sound level of grid management, the use of grid model to manage the work of production safety. Finally, it is necessary to strengthen the propaganda, mobilize all kinds of social forces to actively participate in the work of production safety prevention.


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