Sales of specialty products in Qinghai mouth stretched season to catch a ride across the country

Sales of specialty products in Qinghai mouth stretched season to catch a ride across the country

Reporters visited the provincial capital of some specialty shops and the market found that the province’s specialty hot selling all over the country, foreign orders to repeat customers. Only wells Lane market, for example, every day there are nearly a hundred products sent in Qinghai.

"beautiful Qinghai" tourism brand promotion, Takahara Ju natural pollution-free food to make our province famous products. Opened more than and 10 years of specialty stores Zhang Zhanmei deep feelings: this month, the field is more than the time to buy the specialty of the old customers, or customers introduced relatives and friends. We packed it up and sent it. It was convenient, and there was another one." Because the quality of local specialties, the store has accumulated a large number of repeat customers. For example, Zhang Zhanmei, near the Mid Autumn Festival, wolfberry sales, selling 30 to 40 pounds per day, and sometimes sales can reach 100 pounds, even after the tourist season, the shop can also guarantee a good sales of Zhang Zhanmei. The past two years, the Water Lane market specialty stores are generally sold by courier business, products sent to the country.

with the construction of the express industry, change the development mode of consumption, railway, highway, Qinghai is no longer distant, the specialty of Qinghai also went all over the country. "Every season, Chinese wolfberry, saffron, ginseng fruit, chrysanthemum listed, we will release new products on WeChat news, many foreign customers will come to inquire about or orders, because bought before, they are assured of quality. Although there are many foreign orders, but this is indeed a way to expand sales, increase income." Changjiang Road, a specialty store owner Lee said.

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