A new model of property management for residential buildings in Xining southern Shanxi community

A new model of property management for residential buildings in Xining southern Shanxi community

with the development of the city, the property management industry has entered a period of rapid development. However, most of the property management is only attached to the new residential areas, some of the old residential property management has become a forgotten corner". No management of the old residential area, no one clean hospital buildings, no one charged with water and electricity, has been one of the problems to be solved in the old residential areas. To this end, the city of Xining in the south of the city of Shanxi South Beach community to explore new management ideas, and actively coordinate with the area of enterprises, mobilize social forces, so that no management of the old residential property company.

event: the introduction of the water incident by the property company

earlier this year, Phoenix Road No. 239 hospital for residents for six months without water, the water supply department decided to stop water supply, Nanshan West community staff immediately after that, and the water supply department staff consultation, community workers have repeatedly persuaded, promised to suspend water supply department. Subsequently, the community director Liu Guifang immediately led the staff to the community hospital No. 239 to understand the situation, the original poor Phoenix Road No. 239 hospital residents eat more, water more residents, resulting in long-term water is not checked, before collecting water staff stopped working, causing the hospital water no long-term charge, too much water in water. The Department decided to water. After a clear understanding of the situation, Liu, director of the collective consultation convened 239 residents how to solve the problem, the residents agreed to hire property management companies. As a result, Liu immediately with the area of Xing Xing property company to communicate, after half a month’s rush, community workers and Xing Xing property companies together to collect water charges. After several consultations, Xing Xing property company finally agreed to take over the hospital, the hospital for the 239 yuan to pay nearly a thousand dollars, and for the residents to replace the aging, damaged water meter. Matchmaking through community workers, 239 hospital property management on the right track, really solve the practical difficulties for the residents of the masses.

exploration: a new way out of a new residential property management

October 26th, director Liu said, let the old residential area to achieve regular management, it is necessary to carefully study the implementation of property management in the old residential area, out of a new way different from new residential property management. According to the "government is the organizer, block service, residents are participants in the new property management mode, to achieve a virtuous cycle of less capital investment, low operation cost, make over the property company is not for profit, bear some social responsibility. Nanshan West community property management mode, is the essence of property companies and property management services in the neighborhood of help, provide specific services is the property company, the neighborhood as a grass-roots organization, between owners and property will play an important coordinating role. Director Liu said, from the current situation, the introduction of the old residential area of property management is still very difficult, one is the old residential area is the low income crowd concentrated living place, people hope that the introduction of property management norms, and therefore do not want to increase;

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