The winning battle poverty special training classes in Xining

The winning battle poverty special training classes in Xining

4 month 11 days, the province’s poverty alleviation and win special training classes in Xining Province, the county Party committee and government leaders in charge of poverty alleviation, poverty alleviation and organization departments responsible comrades, the first Secretary of Xining City, a total of more than 640 people attended. Provincial Standing Committee of Ministers of the organization Hu Changsheng attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech, deputy governor Kuang Yong presided.

Hu Changsheng pointed out that during the first half of the year, the province more than 5000 first Secretary (Village) and poverty alleviation cadres full of enthusiasm and entrepreneurial passion for the people, affection, hard work dedication inheritance gene, promote hypoxia no shortage of spirit character, high quality to complete the accurate identification and archiving riser, for the realization of "four years focus on overall deployment of poverty, a year of consolidating", win the war has laid a solid foundation for poverty alleviation.

Hu Changsheng stressed that the first Secretary (Village) and poverty alleviation cadres to heart and soul, striving to be the Qinghai spirit of "practitioner"; good thinking, striving for poverty alleviation and development of the "policy"; due diligence, striving to be the vanguard of poverty "". Through this training, let the policy into the brain and heart, the policy chizhun understanding, the implementation of the policy landing. The heart of the masses, cohesion great practice, to join the vast world, and strive to create real performance. He demanded that the party committees and governments at all levels, departments and cadres selected units to fulfill the main embodiment of the main responsibility, love off, political care, work and more support, to strengthen management, to improve security, really let village cadres under the heart, do nothing.


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