College entrance examination in 2017 is about to begin

College entrance examination in 2017 is about to begin

reporter learned from the provincial admissions, according to the relevant provisions of the Ministry of education, according to the actual conditions of Qinghai Province in 2017 college enrollment registration work will be on December 1, 2016 -10, the province attended high school graduates to fill the registration after the holiday, but the art class candidates must according to the registration, registration sites in the examinee registration state (city) and county (autonomous regions and municipalities) admissions, registration shall be responsible for the work of the province’s 33 college entrance examination Zhaoban test.

2017 college entrance examination conditions

1. where to participate in the province in 2017 college entrance examination enrollment candidates must meet the requirements of the Commission [2000], [2006] No. 33, [2011] No. 42, [2013] document of the relevant provisions of the registration requirements of the 4. 2 physical condition meets the relevant requirements. 3 high school graduation. 4 technical secondary school, vocational school, technical school graduates in the arts and sports category candidates, voluntary choice of provincial higher vocational colleges to recruit vocational single test alone.

2017 college entrance examination procedures and requirements

1. graduates from the school to the residence of the city (county, district) admissions team, the middle school registration trial, and then by the district admissions review. Across the province area high school graduates, high school graduates, high school graduates, colleges and universities outside the province approved to drop out after the candidates, the domicile of the state (county, District, city admissions application).

usually from outside the province in our province hukou, candidates must provide parents and candidates from outside the province in our province zhunqianzheng, migration card copy, and settled in the police station or approved up to state and county (District, city) Public Security Bureau with dedicated seal account.

2. registration candidates are required to provide the booklet (and her parents), ID card, proof of the schools (whether in school membership actually attended high school graduates, can graduate, both parents) units that are in green (on the regular staff, there Junong, herdsmen from outside the province to the province Hukou migration experience Hisai urban residents). Students also need to provide the past in the province to participate in the college entrance examination information (college entrance examination form, high school test scores, high school student files, etc.). Where in 2016 has been admitted to ordinary colleges and universities did not report or drop out of the candidates after registration, registration, must be submitted to the college admission notice and provide proof of withdrawal.

3. at the time of registration, candidates are required to fill in the "2017 Qinghai province college entrance examination registration form" and the "2017 Qinghai province college entrance examination qualification review sheet", candidates (photos without hat, body, white background, color, picture format) must be collected, turn taking pictures, strictly prohibited the electronic photo, receiving the parents is prohibited copy them high school photos. From the scene photos with them (high school or high school outside the household registration form), Photo Library Photo comparison, not all (or training) by posing treatment.

4. Province, state, county (District, city) in the province to do the collective high school graduates to apply for qualification, according to the responsibility of the machine;

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