From 1 to July this year foreign personnel in Xining hit a record high

From 1 to July this year foreign personnel in Xining hit a record high

yesterday, the reporter learned from the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau exit and entry administration department, from 1 to July this year, the city of Xining registered temporary accommodation overseas personnel up to 10661 passengers, a record high over the same period of foreign personnel.

With the expansion of the United States and the United States, Qinghai,, as well as the expansion of major international events, international exhibition activities in the province began to come to Xining City, business, tourism and foreign personnel increased year by year. 1 to July this year, Xining City, the registration of temporary accommodation for overseas staff of 10661 people, only from June 1st to July 30th in Xining city for overseas personnel amounted to 5263 people, an increase of 25% over the same period last year, a record high earlier Nanjing foreign personnel.

is a comprehensive collection of overseas personnel registration information in Xining city outside the staff accommodation, ensure data to participate in various events, the international exhibition activities to ensure timely and accurate registration, foreign personnel in Xining city during the safety, Xining City Public Security Bureau to deploy the person to the city’s 56 hotels in front of 221 reception staff overseas person identification documents, hotels and other aspects of knowledge input system of staff training, arrange for temporary accommodation registration data monitoring, timely change of error data. Due to take appropriate measures, in order to get rid of the peak of foreign personnel, Xining, the rate of registration of foreign personnel live data, accuracy, timeliness rates are up to standard. (author: Shi Xiang Li Jie Su Li)



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