Huangyuan County Cultural ndustry Development Achievements

Huangyuan County Cultural ndustry Development Achievements

Huangyuan County in the construction of the province’s agricultural modern animal husbandry demonstration county, upstream of the Huangshui River Ecological counties and the province’s cultural tourism county "for the development goals, adhere to the integration of cultural tourism development, take the connotation of cultural tourism development road, cultural industry development achievements Fei ran.

one is to strengthen the cultural industry infrastructure. Based on resource endowments, highlighting the advantages of the project, in the rescue, excavation, sorting out the basis of folk cultural resources, the various types of cultural infrastructure as a platform to showcase local culture, carefully build. In the process of infrastructure construction, the government funds should be put into the first place to attract the participation of social capital, and actively guide the market-oriented development and capitalization of cultural tourism resources. By strengthening the project promotion, increase investment, the use of government credit platform, moderate debt construction and other measures to effectively solve the problem of insufficient funds for construction. Dan ancient city protection development, the cumulative investment has reached 200 million yuan, the government invested $70 million, private investment of 130 million yuan. The introduction of private capital has greatly promoted the development of cultural tourism resources. Has gradually formed the core of the ancient city of Dan gar, Riyue mountain, North Mountain, Zanpu linca for extension of the cultural tourism scenic spots (spots) in the network, provide a rich carrier at the same time as the Huangyuan multicultural show, it laid a solid foundation for building the development of cultural tourism industry structure.

two is the scale of cultural industries continue to improve. Cultural industrial park construction achieved initial results. As of now, Qinghai oyu handicraft Limited company to achieve annual sales income of 3 million yuan, Dan Junggar Embroidered Leather Co., annual sales income of 1 million 300 thousand yuan, the beauty of Cultural Development Co. Ltd. to achieve annual sales income of 800 thousand yuan, the introduction of Cultural Industry Park treasure industrial tourism base, has an annual output of 300 tons of pure natural Tibet yak jerky production line and become the county’s largest cultural tourism industry, the average daily sales have reached 35 thousand yuan. Currently the county’s cultural tourism industry practitioners reached more than 3 thousand and 600 people, accounting for the county’s total population of 2.6%.

three is the initial formation of the characteristics of cultural industries. Combined with the actual situation of local, to increase the guidance of the characteristics of the cultural industry. Increase the financial support for the development of cultural tourism products. Highly pay attention to the characteristics of product development project funds for work, through multiple channels of R & D funds support, encourage enterprises to develop the cultural industry of Huangyuan row lamp, Dan Gar embroidered leather, horn crafts and many other unique local cultural tourism products. On the cultivation of folk cultural heritage, carry out embroidery, paper cutting, carving, painting, calligraphy, shadow and other folk art training, cultivate a group of folk artists, initially formed a folk handicraft manufacturing industry. Promote the integration of the ancient city tourism and cultural performing arts industry to encourage the development of the ancient city of cultural performing arts industry, has initially formed a stable performing arts team, and began to undertake external performances.

four is the cultural industry development environment optimization. For the prosperity of the ancient city cultural tourism market, to take in the trial operation phase exemption from individual rent, etc., to accelerate the formation of a leading cultural industries;

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