The characteristics of folk lantern show will be held in Tianjin City the whole

The characteristics of folk lantern show will be held in Tianjin City the whole

with the arrival of the Lantern Festival, Tianjin city held the lantern show themed activities large Folk Lantern Festival, attracting thousands of people in Tianjin City, let more people feel the Chinese New Year atmosphere, increasing the children for folk custom education, let children learn more with textbook learning than knowledge.

sponsored by the city of Tianjin, Nankai District Nankai Mission District Culture and Tourism Bureau of the "Golden Rooster spring" the eleventh Chinese New Year Lantern Festival will be held in the first month of the fifteen Nations Championship to sixteen in the old city of Tianjin City Museum, the event collected by the public to design, hand-made lanterns within the city.

During the

event, the public and the primary and secondary school teachers and students together to create more than 600 lanterns at the same time in the old city museum exhibition. During the Lantern Festival season, visitors can not only enjoy the beautiful lights, can also participate in the activities of lantern riddles prize of wit and humour, at the same time the museum also exhibited in joy and harmony, civilized and friendly as the theme of the hundreds of pieces of photographic works. For this event, the old small pear is organizing the "Lantern Festival" taste the special comic, invited many new and old comedian took turns on stage.

The course of

, Xiqing District in the Lantern Festival held a large-scale exhibition of more than 20 years in recent years, the Chinese new year to Xiqing, enjoy the splendid lights, special snack products, the concept of wonderful performances, listening to folk house, enjoy the rich connotation in the range of experience in the spring Festival, the Lantern Festival, many people gradually become a new way to celebrate Christmas, behind this change is Xiqing to build "our Spring Festival" the charm of traditional culture. It is reported that a large-scale exhibition of the Lantern Festival in 2017 with "happy Xiqing" as the theme, the 30 group of lights, more than 5000 Zhanhong Shadeng, divided into three exhibition area atmosphere lamp.

held in Tianjin, the folk lantern show, the people of Tianjin can be easily found in all kinds of animals, paper-cut, as the elements of the characteristics of New Year paintings, let more people feel the strong will, let more people see the Lantern Festival fun, let more people with the elderly and children together to see the Lantern show.

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