How clever to meet VP bargain

How clever to meet VP bargain

customers bargain shopping, this is a very normal thing. If it is a strange customer, shopkeepers are a little better to refuse, but if you refuse to isregular, it wasn’t to say it. Therefore, if it had been a bargain, but also need to have a clever way to deal with.

morning, a VIP village bought a box of milk in my shop. Checkout, he smiled and said: boss, cheap 5 dollars!"

said, the customer put the money on the counter, just less than 5 dollars. A box of milk which has so much profit, but customers do not understand.

"5 dollars too small, not worth it. Well, I don’t want this box of milk!" I also said with a smile, readily put the customer on the counter money to him.

boss really stingy, can not be cheap 5 dollars!" The customer was embarrassed, stretched out his hand and took out 5 dollars.

"Oh, I said no money, you do not accept." I still say with a smile.

"how dare I accept such a large human ah!" The customer laughed too.

"that’s gonna give you a little affection."." I gave him a small gift from a supplier.

"thank you, I’ll be fine." The customer happily took the milk and the little gift.

encountered VIP bargain, if we directly refuse, will hurt the customer’s face. But according to the customer’s argument, we will lose money business.

familiar with customers, customers, but this is a very normal thing, many shopkeepers can not handle this thing. In fact, at this time we can properly with the customer to open a small joke, politely refused. At the same time, we must also take into account the customer’s face, in ensuring the premise of profit, the appropriate cheap one or two dollars or give some small gifts, so that customer satisfaction.

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