Every day how much money is needed to join Hamburg

Every day how much money is needed to join Hamburg

In fact, there are so many items in the food and beverage market as long as there is a need for

, there will be a consumer market. For example, Hamburg, although it is a foreign food and beverage items, but its taste is very good to cater to the tastes of the Chinese people. Everyone loves hamburgers, especially young people, the prospects are very good, the market is guaranteed. So, many brands of delicacy in Hamburg, Tom burger, delicious, nutrition and health, continuous product innovation, every day in Hamburg is a brand more distinctive, there are a lot of people to join, so every day, how much money is needed to join Hamburg


how much does it cost to join Hamburg every day?

every day Hamburg is a life-long investment benefit, dozens of senior experts on catering franchisees opened the preparatory process, operation management, professional guidance, supervision and operation of the headquarters every year cooperation store and submission, solve all kinds of problems in the operation of the store, the service provided by the headquarters are not the other charge.

specific join fee is as follows:

single cooperation:

If you choose

single way to join the cooperation, so there are two kinds of cost specifications. One is the venture shop, investment costs 25800 yuan; one is the standard store, investment costs of $34800. Two ways are required to use the brand and management fees of $2000, margin of $3000. Investment costs include technology transfer fees, training fees, operating guidance fees, advertising fees. Margin with 2000 yuan deposit contract, renovation margin of $1000, the contract expires without breach of contract refund, renovation of the deposit is returned after the acceptance of the decoration.


County exclusive agency fee is 60 thousand, prefecture level city and county level city, the exclusive agent fee is 100% of the county, the provincial capital city, municipality directly under the jurisdiction of the city and county, the exclusive agent fee of $80 thousand for the city, the county level of the city, the county level, the county’s exclusive agent fee is $70 thousand. The required market margin is 5000 yuan, the management fee and brand use fee of $5000 / year.

join the following support:

1, store image: Hamburg brand every day, with a number of registered trademarks.

2, image consultant: with Hamburg has a senior brand image consultant design, to ensure the development of brand image.

3, store design: to provide professional design and store image planning, and assist in the preparation and franchise stores.

4, management mode: to provide a complete set of management system, standard brand image management.

5, advertising:

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