Big Yue Korean cuisine what is the condition of cooperation

Big Yue Korean cuisine what is the condition of cooperation

Korean food brand Xiaobian for everyone to introduce a lot, today is still recommended for everyone to join a good Korean cuisine project. Big Yue Korean cuisine Korean cuisine to join well-known brands.

big Yue Korean cuisine project introduction

Yue penned by the Korean Korean cuisine chef, the most authentic Korean delicacy, Southeast Asian style and enjoy the delicious, Hot pot, carey selected raw materials, rich ingredients, fresh meat! Authentic flavor, pure taste, delicious sweet and romantic dinner for two. Big Yue Korean food Bibimbap, characterization of Bibimbap also love to eat in korea. If the lovers together at the restaurant Bibimbap words, man must go for his girlfriend beaten bibimbap; if his girlfriend can not eat the meals naked, the man would have to eat the remaining rice completely clean, to represent the love of his girlfriend.

Yue Yue Korean cuisine always adhere to the "business innovation, innovation in business" business philosophy. As early as in 90s the great Yue Korean Entrepreneurs began to Hongkong, Macao, France, the United States and other places to learn and introduce advanced management experience and system for daily management. Over the years, big Yue Korean cuisine and local consumers pay more attention to fusion of pure Western-style food taste of traditional, continuous technological innovation, integration of cultural elements to expand delicacy attraction in the originality of the product maintain, big Yue Korean cuisine became the founder of China Western-style food elements to explore.

Yue joined the Korean cuisine save join a lot of preparatory work, the complex operation procedure is simple, to provide more services for the franchisee; the shop is simplified as a " " replication; successful model, the franchisee reduce investment risks, play the real charm of the franchise, the franchisee to achieve the entrepreneurial dream and a successful career, to enjoy a better life.

big Yue Korean cuisine cooperation conditions:

1, as a franchisee, we must y agree with the great Yue Korean brand concept and business model!

2, since it is entrepreneurship, of course, have a certain degree of economic capacity, but also have a strong intention to start a business. Have the economic ability of the development of big Yue Korean cuisine!

3, the enterprise open arms, to meet the world’s lofty ideals, but do not welcome the criminals! Big Yue Korean restaurant franchisee must be a legitimate citizen, no bad records, a good reputation.

4, big Yue Korean investors have a certain degree of investment capacity, with a good sense of risk taking, no entrepreneurial experience can be.

no experience, no need for high capital, do not need to know how to operate management, as a brand agent, as long as you do a good job in the daily shop work, such a project

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