The whole display method a greengrocer

The whole display method a greengrocer

We often eat fruit is

, one thing is the vitamin supplement, has a very big demand, fruit shop is a good idea to start business, fruit shop, do display of goods, customers can not only facilitate the better choice, but also improve the store’s sales volume, so the fruit shop operators it can not be ignored, display of goods. So, what are the fruit store display methods? Friends who are interested to go with a small bar to see it.

1, circular type plot (round type): suitable for apple, orange, watermelon, cabbage, cabbage and other platform can display lists.

2, square row type: green onions, celery, leeks and other roots into a straight line arrangement can be tilted or vertical.

3, lattice type: radish, lotus root and the shape of the bag of goods, can be placed on the cross display.

4, a loose type: suitable for cabbage, Chinese cabbage and root vegetables, such as potatoes, sweet, with a flat type bulk display shelf.

5, input type: individual smaller commodities, such as: red, green peppers, beans, etc., can be directly into the turnover basket (Zhou Zhuanxiang) display.

6, stacked type: bag or box stacked.

7, oblique stand type: suitable for leafy vegetables, oblique emissions.

8, matching type: the use of more than two kinds of goods for color contrast or color match to set off freshness.


fruit will affect people’s feeling, have a great impact on the business also late, the display method may not be suitable for all people, which requires operators according to their own products and local market conditions, make the appropriate judgment, choose the most suitable for their own store display of goods, for the day after the success of foreshadowing.

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