Chongqing college students’ investment losses when the rally Pedicure carpenter venture

Chongqing college students’ investment losses when the rally Pedicure carpenter venture

students in the Pedicure when carpenter, believed that many people think that college students are not actually unbelievable, stoop, just once the investment fails to let him find the motivation to start, from the start Pedicure carpenter, re start, in order to lay a good foundation for entrepreneurship.

in College Students

Peng Xiaobing after graduation, worked in Daping Hospital logistics maintenance work, until 2009; 2010 to 2013, he was in Shenzhen a listed enterprise buyer. "I have also received more than 5000 yuan monthly salary." He gave reporters a look at his resignation. Later, the university students in the introduction of Mr. Ho, working in a furniture factory, income is also good. "I heard that he is learning to think Pedicure, diploma or wasted, but respect his choice." He told reporters on the phone.

Pedicure choose to study the failure of investment

why suddenly began to learn Pedicure craft? "Last year is a turning point in my life." Peng Xiaobing told reporters that last year, his father died suddenly, he thought of a mother at home is very worried, they returned home from Shenzhen daping. Peng Xiaobing said, at that time, he was tired of work, did not work all day.

One day I was sitting watching TV

"last year, my mother said to Pedicure. Although I know the field Master, but he saw dozens of years as one day, from morning to evening every day, regardless of the weather turned out to Pedicure, I was completely unable to accept this way of life." Peng Xiaobing said, in his opposition, the mother did not mention it.

53 year old Peng mother, is a son of housekeeping staff, now learning Pedicure tuition fees and living expenses are provided by her. Talking about his son Pedicure home school, some relatives think, as a university graduate, the starting point is low, but the mother does not agree: "Peng

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