Crystal ten brands list

Crystal ten brands list

this special crystal jewelry, luxury and beautiful, noble and elegant, coupled with changes in economic conditions of the people, so that the entire market ushered in a huge demand, is to let the brand industry to get a more rapid development, and the formation of the crystal ten brand list. Here, let Xiaobian for everyone to reveal such a list.

crystal top ten brands NO.1, SWAROVSKI: founded in 1895 in Austria, a large multinational group, the world’s leading brands of crystal industry, SWAROVSKI (Swarovski) group.

crystal ten brands list NO.2, Baccarat Baccarat: founded in 1824 in France, the world’s leading luxury brand, the French cultural connotation of crystal brand, Baccarat (Shanghai) Trade Co., ltd..

crystal ten brand list: Kosta Boda KostaBoda NO.3, founded in Sweden in 1742, one of the world’s oldest national art crystal brand brand in the world, the ten crystal brand, new wave Trading (Shanghai) Co. ltd..

crystal ten brand list NO.4, Lalique Lalique: founded in 1880, marking the top art international brand, one of the oldest crystal brand in the world, the French Lalique (Lalique) company.

crystal ten brand list: ORREFORS Orrefors NO.5, was founded in Sweden in 1898 ten, with a unique brand of crystal, crystal objects, crystal art, custom crystal is famous in the world, new wave Trading (Shanghai) Co. ltd..

crystal ten brand list, NO.6 Kangpai: national trademark protection, Zhejiang famous brand, one of the strength to undertake large sculpture crystal manufacturers in Zhejiang City, Pujiang Tianlong crystal precious stones Co. ltd..

crystal ten brands list NO.7, art force: specializing in the production of a variety of crystal crafts and crystal lights, the national protection of trademarks, Zhejiang famous brand, Zhejiang famous brand, Zhejiang Li Li Crystal Jewelry Co., ltd..

crystal ten brands list NO.8, star green Singbee: Zhejiang province famous brand, Zhejiang famous brand products, Zhejiang hundred science and technology private enterprise, the crystal of the ten brands, Zhejiang Star Crystal Co., ltd..

crystal ten brands list NO.9, Dragon: beginning in 1988, Jiangsu province famous brand, famous crystal brand, natural crystal industry leader, Donghai County Hailong Crystal Handicraft Co., ltd..

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