Analysis of the market prospect of Seafood Hotpot

Analysis of the market prospect of Seafood Hotpot

Because of the popularity of

and the rapid increase of the Hot pot, now Hot pot shops such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain rise rapidly, a lot of preparation to choose Hot pot store franchisees are hesitant to join the Hot pot shop how to choose? Hot pot join really have a broad market prospects?

called " Hot pot, soup, antique " made by food into boiling water " plump " sound and its name, it is China original delicacy, has a long history. According to research, the Eastern Han Dynasty is Hot pot, Bai Juyi of the Tang Dynasty "ask Liu Shijiu" poem: "green ants new grains wine, red small stove. Late day to snow, can drink a cup? "Vividly describes the scene at that time to eat Hot pot. To the Song Dynasty, the method of eating hot pot has been very common in the civil society, the Southern Song Dynasty, Lin’s "mountain home for the" recipe, there will be friends with the introduction of hot pot. Yuan Dynasty, hot pot spread to Mongolia area, used to cook beef and mutton. To the Qing Dynasty, not only in the popular Hot pot, and became a famous dish, " " court; material is pheasant venison etc.. Today, a variety of hot pot brand new features. Here we come to the analysis is the edge of the fragrant seafood pot.

Analysis of the prospect of joining the

seafood seafood hot pot

raw material analysis:

1, the bottom of the pot: reject additives, follow the old Chongqing hot pot essence of raw material, supplemented by the original health formula, taste pure, pure soup color; strict control of the soup boil time, retain the original nutritional value of food.

2, ingredients: refused to deep processing, refused to rot, and strictly control the overnight dishes on the table, the selection of Cereals, meat, beans, fruits and vegetables and other organic ingredients, adhere to the traditional health quality.

3, water: reject ordinary water, selection of high quality water, to ensure a good intake of food nutrients in the state, reducing the fresh color of food.

4, sauces: follow Chongqing century old secret sauce, rich color, fragrance, taste authentic traditional condiments modulation.

revenue analysis:

to 300 square meters of the store, for example: the work of the table, turn the table three times a day (once in the evening at the end of the night to turn over a table) passenger flow of 300 people / day, the monthly turnover of $450000 25.

total expenditure: raw materials + personnel wages + rent miscellaneous charges + water electricity tax =280000 yuan / month

net profit: 450000? -280000=170000 yuan

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