Effect of breast health or abuse of essential oil with increased risk of breast cancer in women

Effect of breast health or abuse of essential oil with increased risk of breast cancer in women

along with the popularity of SPA, more and more essential oils to love the beauty of the familiar, many people will use essential oils decompression, beauty salons also claimed that the use of essential oils for breast massage can make the curve more beautiful. Rose essential oil, fruit oil, flower essential oils, aromatic oils of various forest dazzling. However, the beauty of women do not know, in the charming aroma behind, in fact, is a high risk factor of cosmetics. Plant essential oils known as "plant hormones," said many of the essential oils of small molecular substances similar to human hormones, can be used to improve the body’s hormone levels.

Chen Xi, associate professor of breast surgery, No.2 Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University, said the occasional use of essential oils will not cause direct harm to the body, but the long-term use of large doses will increase the level of estrogen in the body, affecting the health of the breast. This is because the occurrence of breast cancer and endocrine disorders have a great relationship. Estrogen is the most important index in various endocrine factors. Increased or decreased levels of estrogen may increase the risk of breast cancer".

according to Dr. Chen introduced since 2000, the incidence of breast disease is a straight upward trend. At present, nearly 100% of the patients who come to the outpatient service have been diagnosed with various types of breast diseases, such as hyperplasia, tumor, and so on.

Chen pointed out that the occurrence of all breast diseases are closely related to endocrine changes. A diet high in fat and high calorie, high strength, fast-paced career, marriage, sterile lifestyle, excessive make-up, breast enhancement, whitening, tonic, will lead to endocrine disorders, thereby affecting the level of estrogen.

Doctor Chen reminded "Cougar", especially early menarche, late menopause, family history and women fat, regular life, marriage, full breastfeeding, timely check regularly. Breast cancer is the four means of prevention of breast disease the most effective and convenient.

(responsible editor: Teng Xiaolan)

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