Sofit low key noble luxurious dessert

Sofit low key noble luxurious dessert

French aristocratic temperament is the world’s pursuit of the people, which can be well reflected in the French dessert. Sofitel – the only high-end luxury brand in accor. Sofit 6 years ago to enter the Nanjing market, including Zijin Mountain Residence Golf and Yin He Hotel brand hotel two. Nanjing Sofitel Zijin Mountain Residence Golf is located in the Zijin Mountain scenic area, Gary Player designed 27 hole golf championship stadium in close proximity. Charming scenery around, the perfect combination of romantic French style, to meet your business needs of leisure. Sofitel Galaxy Hotel Hunan Road is located in the bustling commercial center, has 278 rooms and Suites, modern design and luxurious hotel, comfortable rooms with facilities, indoor swimming pools and tennis courts and rich in Western-style food delicious, is the best choice for business guests.

Sofitel stick to the wonderful life of the creed, with great enthusiasm to pursue excellence, to show the blend of culture. Sofit has three major brands: Sofit Legend (Sofitel), (Sofitel So) and the Hotels luxury hotel (Sofitel Luxury). At the same time, Sofit has identified a clear positioning, that is through a clever fusion of French and native culture, to create a unique El Luxor Hotel in the world most luxurious resort, Sofit used the concept of personalized service to convey a flash of inspiration. The key to the luxury of its specific performance in the following: to grasp the basis of the Sofit standard, the value of the Sofit, the product of the and attention to detail, consistency and smoothness and French style and other aspects.

As an international Top Class Hotel,

plays an important role. Sofit identifies three values. One is the pursuit of excellence: everyone, all the time commitment, yongpangaofeng. The group has this kind of taste and ambition, always strive for perfection; in the work of excellence, and always know how to do better than yourself. Two is the essence of happiness: Sofit uphold the fine style of service, will be at home and feel comfortable and happy in a foreign land in harmony. Three is the spirit of openness: to open up new horizons, in the eyes of the Sofitel, the difference is a kind of wealth, the group like mixed pluralism, eager for new things.

Sofitel connects the whole world through the French style, with a wealth of feelings, exquisite service and the pursuit of excellence for the guests and business partners to provide intimate service. Enterprises strive for excellence, clever integration of French style and local culture, personalized service to create a Top Class Hotel brand, becoming the best choice for business travelers. With an open and innovative spirit of enterprise, Sofit from French dessert production experience, the introduction of Macarons (Macarons) it is a high-end brand of dessert. Macarons with a long history, noble noble, rich and crisp taste, the Jinling tour opened the myriads of changes.


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