90 girls sun flower resigned not to believe too cold

90 girls sun flower resigned not to believe too cold

over the past two years there have been a variety of wonderful online resignation letter, the most famous is a handful of numbers, the world is so big I want to see". Recently, a girl in the sun drying out his wonderful resignation letter, the reason for the resignation of the winter is too cold to get up, intends to hibernate first. Raise public opinion hot.

23 working days, 17 days late; Changsha winter cold, not getting up in the morning. After 90 Miss Liu chose to resign.


the leave application, the moment was dubbed "the reasons for resignation with the history of the resonance, no one." However, there are users questioned every day at 9 in the morning to go to work, home to walk to the company for 15 minutes, this letter is not to follow the resignation of speculation speculation?

net exposure

"see comments and forwarding number of urine." In December 13th, Miss Liu wrote on her micro-blog.

9, one of her micro-blog reads: "forgive my life uninhibited indulgence love laichuang. Anyway, the credit card is over, goodbye!" At the same time allotted a "employee leave application form". As of 13 evening, when reporters at press time, the number of comments forwarded micro-blog nearly 2000 articles in the evening of 8.

Application left column, 20 candidate companies, she did not check, but in the blank and wrote: "not cold in winter!" In the "other" column also notes, "first hibernation". Department heads to leave and reply said, understand you!" Branch General Manager reluctantly agreed, now 90, too irresponsible, I said no language." Human resources back to the two word, agreed to resign.

12 4, Liu wrote in micro-blog: last month (November) punch card record was late for 17 days! Really can not afford to. Figure shows: 23 days, 17 days late.

the capricious reasons for resignation, @ little Song Cong Pu Suying says, your city people really can. Some netizens expressed concern, so resigned really good? There are also friends said, "can say courage, but not worth promoting."

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