Do you want to do electricity supplier rural economy

Do you want to do electricity supplier rural economy

in recent years, the prosperity and development of various cities, many farmers are working in the city to make a living, which undoubtedly caused a large loss of rural labor force, resulting in a piece of land deserted. Internet era, its hot electricity supplier model can also benefit the dividend of the countryside? Rural economies do electricity providers fly it? Let’s talk about it.

rural economies do business, selling?

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released in Ali institute more detailed "2013 Chinese County e-commerce development index report" given "e-commerce hundred counties", the development of electronic commerce, almost all reflect the unique advantages of the local characteristics of industrial clusters. For example, Yiwu commodity, Qinghe cashmere, Changshu clothing, Jinjiang shoes. "Hundred counties" have the foundation of industrial group, the county that does not have industry group and how should electric shock?

rural economies do business, and to whom?

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