After 90 beauty jewelry shop earned 100 thousand

After 90 beauty jewelry shop earned 100 thousand

every entrepreneur in the absence of success, will have some ups and downs in the entrepreneurial experience, at the same time, now people venture the whole society has become more and more, the society also has a lot of good business case is worth people to think about the reasons for the success.

in Chongqing city Yangjiaping merol shopping paradise at the entrance, a jewelry shop surrounded by several girls, is the selection of Pearl earrings. The boss Su Sheng side will stick to a tiny silver pearl on the side to recommending goods off the reel. Who would have thought that a year ago, he was a university teacher.

2012 early, Li Ya went to Liaoning relatives to play, found that the jewelry market is very active, try to purchase to sell in Chongqing. However, the goods are not sold in Liaoning, after asking around, Li Ya learned that Guangzhou, Liwan jewelry wholesale market is very large. "Find the right source, even if there is a successful start." Li Ya said. Yesterday, the Chongqing evening news reporter Li Ya jewelry shop in the books to see the daily turnover of about 5000 yuan. Count down, this shop net income of more than 100 thousand yuan per month.

their jewelry store business to do

?The location of

"cold shop to sell things, certainly not to earn money, rather than rent a little expensive lots of good places to rent, also does not matter." For the site, Li Ya has his own opinion. After a month of investigation, Li Ya finally selected this store in Yangjiaping. "Here is relatively mature, there are high-quality clothing stores, barber shops, beauty salons, 30 years old to the age of the age of the consumer is a very strong presence of women in the place of the 50." Li Ya said, I want to hundreds of thousands of jewelry each one, they can afford."

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