The shopkeeper in a harmonious atmosphere in the proposed transaction easier to form a

The shopkeeper in a harmonious atmosphere in the proposed transaction easier to form a

in order to allow customers to buy more goods, and now many shopkeepers will provide some suggestions. However, customers want to be able to take advice, provide advice or need to master some skills. In small series, if it is in a harmonious atmosphere to make recommendations, often easier to form a transaction oh.

when giving advice to customers, be sure to have a harmonious atmosphere. Some businesses into the store to buy cigarettes to consumers eager to recommend, or in the case of consumers do not understand the willingness to buy cigarettes hastily give advice, often counterproductive. All sales of good businesses, they smoke into the store to buy the consumer does not rush to give advice, but carey observe the actions of consumers, their eyes touched the heart of cigarette, immediately make a judgment, to capture consumer demand in the wind blows, and then put forward a reasonable proposal.

merchant Li pays more attention to the details, one has no intention of success gave him great inspiration: "one afternoon last summer, a customer into the store to buy a cold drink, standing in the shop below the fan blowing edge drink, complaining when the weather is hot and finally pulled out a cigarette" Hongjinlong (Ying Chufeng) ". At that time, I thought, he smoked cigarettes should be bought, I casually said that the smoke is now selling well, many customers are smoking this cigarette. The customer immediately bought two packets. In fact, I was spotted the opportunity to say these words, when the atmosphere is harmonious, he blew the fan, listen to me talk about the day, in this case the recommended success rate to be larger."


Li’s success is due to his pleasant communication with customers. The consumers into the store to buy a cold drink, but because the short rest in the store, gradually formed a relatively relaxed attitude, good communication environment, then Xiao Li saw the opportunity to recommend the cigarette, recommendations, the success probability of natural big.

however, although know the importance of retail business, now many shopkeepers can not really grasp the operation skills, and some businesses all day in no more new sales environment, people have become lazy up, even to the consumer into the store indifferent, just keep playing computer, playing games, not to mention the details to create consumer demand attention and pleasant atmosphere, Xiao Li from the harmonious atmosphere of harvest is not only effective, but the harvest of the day after the trust of customers.

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