Fruit shop guide entrepreneurial tips

Fruit shop guide entrepreneurial tips

many friends want to start a business, but most people do not have much money, so open a fruit shop is a good choice. With the social and economic growth, fruit shop business is not so good before. To make the fruit shop business better, you need the following tips.

"Pong" big supermarket popular

Mr. Zhao began to do fruit business

attractive advertising and promotional activities of

Fruit Distribution Office

to nearby units distribution of fruit is the biggest source of profit Laojiang fruit shop. Every day at 5 in the afternoon, the old Jiang will use a small cart will be 50 ~ 100kg watermelon, apples and so on to several nearby units. Every day to earn fifty or sixty yuan, a good time there are more than 100 yuan, the key is to be large." Chiang said: "to find the big unit fixed to send, so the store fruit can end, can earn money."


There are a group of small

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