Wary of breast cancer right breast induced female health network

Wary of breast cancer right breast induced female health network

28 year old Miss Li, very concerned about their body. She from 25 years of age after the regular beauty salon to do breast care, money spent a lot, but looking at their breasts more and more plump feel very satisfied. But some time ago, Miss Lee was breast pain and discomfort, you can feel a lump of bilateral breast, hurried to the hospital. According to B ultrasound, I found that both sides of the breast has been abnormal breast hyperplasia.

I also met a 45 year old woman, she found that the breast lumps are not to the hospital for examination, and the choice of beauty salons to do breast care, in order to eliminate lumps. However, a few months after the mass does not eliminate, but longer, even the breast sag and cellulite changes, check to the hospital that has come to advanced breast cancer, lost the best treatment time.

is actually a breast care use Massage Ointment and massage care for the breast, so no maintenance may play a preventive role in breast cancer, if the use of estrogen containing massage cream, but also increase the prevalence of breast cancer.

it is understood that some beauty salons in order to achieve economic benefits, the advertising claims "make breast plump, firm" effect, the illegal use of estrogen containing ointment massage massage to customers, which have a certain effect on the breast, but it is also an important factor to induce breast cancer, long-term local estrogen stimulation of breast. Will greatly increase the risk of breast cancer.

and other chemical constituents contain also massage ointment, may cause breast cell gene mutation in the long-term use, cancer gene and expression of tumor suppressor gene was inhibited, which leads to the occurrence of breast cancer.

prevention of breast disease regularly check the breast

breast cancer is one of the most common malignant tumors in women, accounting for all kinds of malignant tumor of 7%-10% in our country, after cervical cancer, in recent years showed a rising trend, part of the big city report of breast cancer has occupied the first place of the feminine malignant tumor. However, breast cancer is the best treatment of solid tumors, generally speaking, the sooner the earlier treatment, the better. Through the combination of various methods such as ultrasonography and clinical examination, breast cancer can be diagnosed early.

at present, ultrasound imaging technology has become more perfect, especially the color Doppler ultrasound technique, the breast mass internal structure, size, shape, edge, internal vessels etc., can be clearly displayed. High frequency ultrasound can clearly show the size of the tumor 0.5-1.0cm, and the 0.3-0.5cm of the tumor can also be displayed, which is of great significance for the early diagnosis of breast cancer.

so, when is the best time to start an ultrasound breast exam?

data show that in women, the incidence of breast cancer increased with age, extremely rare in before menarche, before the age of 20 is also uncommon, but after 20 years the incidence rate increased rapidly, at the age of onset > 45~50

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