Fourth returnees nnovation Summit held in Guiyang 28

Fourth returnees nnovation Summit held in Guiyang 28

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regions need to rely on some talent strength can be reached recently in Guizhou city of Guiyang province held such an association of students in the China open up a fresh outlook, but also attracted a lot of successful returnees arrived.

28 day, in the returnees innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum, many returnees to return to entrepreneurship, especially in the western region has a strong interest in entrepreneurship. With advanced concepts at the same time grounding gas, adapt to the changing times to seize the opportunity is the consensus of many returnees.

WRSA · Chinese Overseas Students Association fourth annual conference of the returnees innovation (Guiyang) summit in Guizhou Guiyang on the 28 day, as one of the three major business forum returnees innovation forum held in Guiyang on the afternoon of the 28.

WRSA "returnee Institute executive president, business mentor Yan Changming told Beijing reporters, said:" there are overseas returnees advantage, more important is to put the idea to country, based on understanding of the situation, the current situation, give full play to their own advantages." Returnees need "down to earth", Yan Ming in Guizhou in Guizhou that has a unique advantage in agriculture, medicine, and other big data industry, overseas returnees will learn internet and risk investment ideas to Guizhou, first to understand Guizhou, Guizhou to see the opportunities and seize the opportunity. I hope you can learn more about the rich mineral resources, as well as in medicine, ecological construction and other aspects of Guizhou, Guizhou is a potential, more opportunities." Yan Changming said.

"basic mode of service industry in Internet era has been changed, the traditional service industry should shift to service, just need to become ‘response’." WRSA "returnees entrepreneurial Institute Vice President Yuan Yue said:" the returnees previously regarded themselves as elite, "contempt" service industry, now the whole industry are changing, Internet products to industrial entrepreneurship to provide more opportunities for overseas service consciousness to rapid response, this is the opportunity of entrepreneurship, and entrepreneurial services challenges and opportunities."

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