Entrepreneurship contest does not seem so fire

Entrepreneurship contest does not seem so fire

entrepreneurship competition emerge in an endless stream, just two days ago, a grand meeting of entrepreneurial innovation competition day final competition in Guangzhou. But for the entry of entrepreneurial projects, entrepreneurship contest does not look so hot, so beautiful.

in a "winter capital" argument sound, entrepreneurship competition has chosen "counter" line, still emerge in an endless stream state. In the past month, Guangzhou has held at least seven major business competition.

However, reporters found that

"outstanding entrepreneurial projects, will never lack for investors, professional investors, capital is always no winter." At the scene of the Xu Hongbo Tianying exchange ", is a great founder of him on several occasions insisted that the entrepreneurship competition, entrepreneurship is not the so-called" winter theory ".

from huge capital investor Yang Shoubin holds a similar view: "the field of venture capital is not divided into winter and spring, only good and bad project project." He believes that the capital hot period, 80% of the project was supposed to get financing, "the so-called ‘capital spring’, but many should not get financing projects to get the financing, now they are screened out."

in exchange of innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition finals day, for more than 1200 projects, the finalists of the project team only 10. The winners of the "pet", in addition to get venture capital and venture bonuses, will be able to enjoy the Guangzhou Municipal Bureau Committee and the government of Tianhe District to support entrepreneurs supporting policies, such as tax recommended

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