A home theater for adult business

A home theater for adult business

don’t think you do business with your children, that is to deal directly with the children, very clear, very popular children’s Park, adults are playing too many to count described in this article, and the project is also a child business, earn a lot of money money!

table, a friend said to Wang Qingping jokingly: "don’t play in the city, is not good for health. Come back. We’ll play with you every day." Wang Qingping was inspired by a friend’s words: the city has so many people in the office all day long, want to play a house like this childhood games should be quite a lot of PE can not be a business?

2006 February Wang Qingping returned to Shanghai resigned. She found a house was rent 50 square meter store, open a shop is suitable for leisure. So, Wang Qingping took out 30 thousand yuan savings, but also to gather up a few thousand dollars to do a home drama". Chinese traditional decoration with retro atmosphere, ground painted with a few jump house with the lattice, well-proportioned corner still placing some old toys, shelves stocked with some drinks and food, there is a small blackboard used to record the game results. In addition, she also prepared a red scarf for customers, so they wear up to find the feeling of childhood.

in order to explore the experience, Wang Qingping first found several colleagues, let them go to the store for free to play games, make a suggestion. For many days, colleagues to noon to the collection of Wang Qingping’s children play it". They were divided into two groups of PK playing hopscotch, reluctant to leave. But let them give advice, but all the way to say. This can let Wang Qingping difficult, why colleagues are silent? Wang Qingping: maybe because it is an acquaintance, let them free to play, so they cannot pull down the face.


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