Cool chairman Guo Deying entrepreneurial thinking

Cool chairman Guo Deying entrepreneurial thinking

mobile phone brands, some of the more popular but not much cool is one of the well-known brand, every successful enterprise is from the beginning of the small enterprises gradually grow up, cool cool is no exception, chairman Guo Deying, for a walk to the road of entrepreneurship difficult, he has a lot of think, today Xiaobian bring everyone together to listen to the great entrepreneurial experience.

‘s first venture: teaching

dates back to 1993. That year, Bruce Lee’s son, Li Guohao, died unexpectedly, Beyond member of the accidental death of…… These events are sensational, but they have nothing to do with today’s story. That year, Guo Deying left the teacher for many years at the Shenzhen University (admire his courage), mind to venture into the sea, creating the Yulong Computer Telecommunication Technology Co. Ltd., officially started selling the stock beeper, encoder, paging base station transmitter, fixed wireless PDA of no return, operating system he has also worked with CISCO development of call center. At that time, China Unicom headquarters is the use of this system, is Asia’s largest call center based on


time soon to 1999, Guo Deying in Toronto, Canada, with $399 to buy a BlackBerry (although BlackBerry is now a recession, but then swept the world) products – mail transceiver (tyrant)! ), he Tucao said: "a little something dark, the price is quite high!" Yes, yes, to buy something else Tucao, which makes people speechless ah…… In fact, we have been cheated, old Guo of the this Tucao is false, in-depth study is really, secretly take this stuff "underwear" and do not know how many times, he was determined to hold "she", do Chinese blackberry.

finally, cool to debut. 2003, the school of communication technology, the old Guo in N years of accumulation, the choice of cooperation with China Unicom, launched the first WCDMA cool phone. He certainly would not have thought, 5 years later, his company landed on the main board in Hongkong, the real investment is called China’s future blackberry". Then in 2004 launched its own intellectual property rights of the phone, in 2005 developed the world’s first dual-mode dual standby smart phones, in 2007 won the State Council issued the annual National Science and Technology Progress Award two.

second Adventure: Windows transformation Android

as the saying goes, there will be a fall, cool in 2008 than in 2007 fell 21%, a loss of HK $about 76000000, profit is down by more than 140%, which is the most cool period of the lowest. However, the old Guo at this time made a major decision – the cool phone from Windows to switch to the Android system. At that time, the Android system in the world at that time accounted for only 4% of the recommended

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