Chicken row shop business success was the age of 40

Chicken row shop business success was the age of 40

believe that many diners eat chicken, chicken shop also has a lot of entrepreneurs, and not many successful, the young chicken shop a lot, but at the age of 40 and the uncle began to venture, but the harvest is not small.

was born in a poor peasant family, at the age of 15 early into the society, and worked as an apprentice chef, opened the snack shop, fruit shop…… But until the middle-aged man Wang Lincai, Dawu finally found the golden key to success — joined the Royal chicken.

"sniff" to send their children to school of business

40 – Wang Lin was born in Hubei Province in rural areas. 15 year old sister to Wuhan to sell fruit. After that, he would like to learn some craft, to a hotel as an apprentice, after several years of hard work and study, Wang Lin in 1996 to get a senior chef card.

from the school kitchen was promoted to chef, not willing to give the workers a lifetime Wang Lin, start looking for entrepreneurial opportunities. In 2004, home relatives opened a hotel in the beach, Wang Lin decided a stroke, and after his wife to discuss, contracted hotel food stalls.

this is five years. Although the hotel is large, but the business has been lukewarm, in 2010, the hotel business began to decline, the final transfer. Since then he has opened a fruit shop.

One morning

2012 in December, because the wife is not things at home, Wang Lin send their children to Hanyang for a class of excellent training institutions, when looking for a place too early, a vegetable market near the Royal Chicken dressing attracted the attention of Deng Hui: This is the facade is not large queues.

waiting in line for more than and 10 minutes, bought a sign chicken, a chef conquered discerning taste buds. Then, in the two hours of kids after school, he has been watching the chicken shop, found that many customers have been queuing. His heart a move, the shop sign on the phone to write down.

is determined to open a noodle shop quietly on February

What is

the store business is good, or all the Royal chicken business? Is it worth to "bet" a? Wang Lin and his wife a little hesitation over forty years, no time to toss, if you want to do this, we should do a good job, not the same as before, after the toss what is not. "Open a chicken shop, I went to visit!" Deng Hui decided to recommend

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