Entrepreneurs need to master the marketing skills Daquan

Entrepreneurs need to master the marketing skills Daquan

no matter what business needs from many aspects to think more, even a small business, do not do things no matter what, most probably it did not actually happen, are the need to have a plan and planning, especially in business, do not plan, then the entire business process will be lacking spirit of cooperation. Some people think that small business is very simple, do not have to master marketing skills. That’s a bad idea! Business size, marketing must be less.

1, dress up your face". Shop appearance, such as people’s faces, that is, the shop is face". Good decoration is very important.

2, open the door to facilitate. Easy access to the shops in order to prosper.

3, how to set up shop? Customers into the store, the clerk is best not to follow step by step".

4, how to set up shop? Pay attention to the image of the clerk. Fingers, clothing to clean.

5, goods to let customers see, easy access to. The eye is easy to see, the hand is easy to take; the goods placed on the open shelves, so that customers feel easy to choose.

6, all the goods on the price, the price of goods. The appropriate price must be determined on the basis of efforts to collect information about the customer’s price expectations and the prices of competing stores.

7, retail stores and customer relations, in the final analysis is the interpersonal relationship. Say hello to the customer and not speak. You know, shopping is also a space for communication.

8, to explain the knowledge and sales of goods is proportional to the consumer is not an expert, you need guidance. To make consumers aware that you are helping him.

9, the reception customer psychology is relaxed, the other party does not have to be able to have the disappointment or not the happy expression.

10, how to set up shop? Money and change, clean face, looking for tickets to the guests.

11, thanks to the old customers, old customers are the best customers. For stores, it means a continuous improvement. Study on the American scholar Lei Qihan Saisset and show that customer loyalty increases 5%, the profit can be increased 25%.

12, multi use idioms. Language norms, cordial! Can increase the mall (store) image charm, affinity, bring a good reputation.

13, put the proposal on the cash register, please ask the customer to purchase goods written.

14, the festival as a good opportunity for public relations. For example, the Double Ninth Festival

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