Expert sland three key problems of Shanghai company registered the most easily overlooked

Expert sland three key problems of Shanghai company registered the most easily overlooked


for many novice entrepreneurs registered companies, because there is no relevant experience, and the network is either outdated or targeted, so the value of the reference is not high. This time can only rely on their own intuition. Intuitive and reliable? Instead choose to not look at the intuition, we summarize the experience of expert,



options for shareholders

registered company is the first choice of shareholders. Shareholders can be a person, (owned) can also be more than two people, so in the end (joint venture) to choose which kind of good? Expert island to remind you: choose two or more shareholders than a good many. This is because the joint venture shareholders have mutual supervision, which is more conducive to the healthy development of the company.

business scope selection

management project is the scope of the normal operation of enterprises, if beyond this range, it is illegal. Therefore, in a broad sense, the wider the scope of business as possible. But the reality is that if the fill is too large, often do not pass.

therefore suggest that: ask professionals, or reference to fill in the past, remember not to write too little, because in the future need to increase the time to go to the trade and Industry Bureau to do a change of procedures.

bank selection

needs to have its own account, which involves a bank account. The cost of opening an account is related to the bank. A lot of people may think it is better to go to a small bank, because many small bank fees, or even free. Actually otherwise. Small bank cash flow cycle, off-site or cross charges tend to be much higher than the big banks, the so-called fleece, that is the truth.

but not every company needs to open a bank account. For the flow of funds is not much, or local trading based, you can choose their own banks.

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