To join the East Valley

To join the East Valley

what is the most common Ramen restaurant in our life? Is nothing more than two or three tables, a few benches, raise a small window, first pull the first Hand-Pulled Noodle museum. The traditional nature can only meet the basic consumer demand, but now people’s living consumption concept changes, the traditional consumption model has been unable to meet a large number of consumers. Want to invest in Ramen Museum, choose a creative join the brand, is the beginning of your successful entrepreneurial road.

Dong Gu Zi restaurant was founded in 2013, headquartered in the beautiful coastal city of Qingdao, is a Hand-Pulled Noodle and sushi together new fast food restaurants, mainly engaged in Spicy Seafood Noodle, pork, garlic oil Hand-Pulled Noodle Hand-Pulled Noodle Hand-Pulled Noodle, miso pork, noodles, sushi tuna roll roll and other kinds of special food, either in the shop to enjoy, and can be packaged at home to enjoy the delicacy.

to join the East Valley?

East Valley with good quality, excellent service and comfortable environment in the food and beverage market has a strong customer base, to become one of the favorite dining places. Since the founding of the East Valley since we have continued to sound development, in a short period of time has been in several cities around the 6 stores. It is a new kind of fast food which is very popular among young people. This kind of fast food is widely welcomed by everyone, how much money does the East Valley Ramen join?

join fee is as follows:

provincial capital city

100 square meter cost 50 thousand

prefecture level city

80 square meter cost 30 thousand

county level city

60 square meter cost 10 thousand

through the analysis of small series, I believe that the cost of the city has a very clear understanding of the


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