Northeast plate scraper circle of friends you have eaten of

Northeast plate scraper circle of friends you have eaten of

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in the hot dog days silly, most people make a fetish of hot weather is not beer, not tea, not weeks black duck, but a name of ice cream is simple and crude, rough packaging low-key — "northeast plate".

this year to start selling ice cream, in this completely occupied the capital, Shanghai and heaven. At the beginning of May, northeast board Baidu index all the way up, two months for over five times. In Hangzhou, northeast board on sales of 20 thousand, while wall’s, Yili and other traditional brands, but on pin two thousand or three thousand; in Hefei, day sales reached 80 thousand; in Shanghai, the netizen established public comment page for the Northeast board, where the exchange sold.

you must also feel very shabby northeast board? Birth is very common, from the north of a line of three or four enterprises; packaging is very simple, only four characters; taste no pattern, only the original taste, chocolate and other flavors of the four. This can not be found in shopping malls, supermarkets, only in the roadside shop to buy a special freezer cold drink, a sudden burst of fire is simply a myth.

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Northeast, Daisha stupid coarse ingenuous and simple, not high-grade atmosphere, but also called Lei Feng must really quite straightforward. Coupled with the big board, as long as you do not misunderstand for some kind of weapon, it instantly reminiscent of the Northeast love and love in rural areas, while people feel more than the average amount of ice. Short name, simple and easy to remember, is conducive to the two communication.

70, 80, childhood in the street carts bought that only a layer of paper wrapped in ice lolly. Can you imagine, when they see the northeast big board in the street shop appear, only four kinds of taste, packaging is simple, the top also says "the taste of childhood" when the kind of it?

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