How to do the clothing business

How to do the clothing business

In fact,

do a clothing business. There are also some "cheats" can be found, although not absolute, but summed up in practice, we will certainly help the clothing business.

you know online business prospects, but really do not know when to cut. In the past that online business, lack of mutual understanding and trust, payment is difficult, there is no intuitive understanding of the product, it is difficult to do business. But did not expect that, after some of the basic conditions of Ali, the rapid pace of development will be so amazing. This may also be regarded as a kind of Chinese characteristics. Regardless of small factories, foreign enterprises, Chinese enterprises, the real equality of treatment to do business, it is an ideal state! I think there will be a greater development in the future, who is not prepared who will suffer.

is the magic weapon of patience

patience. Usually do business, business people want to goods than three, not to mention the Internet business, the keyboard hit, the same clothes have a variety of prices. Sometimes guests will see you and store the same things "to you, but the price is only half of you, at this moment, I am not angry, because I tell the customer product price is high, but I can tell them what services to compensate for the weak point of the high price of the product. I advise these customers, put my pictures and information to save first put aside, first contact with other shops. As a result, some customers listened to my words, repeated comparison, or with me. There are I do not quite familiar with the clothing brand, but I do know which store some, I simply introduce customers and shop dispensers direct understanding, do not benefit, but two friends. As a result, they try their best to understand us, to be familiar with our features and introduce us to new business.

3, the service is more important than price

hope Xiaobian provide this information can be helpful to you in 2012 inside your entrepreneurial path will be lucky.

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