How entrepreneurial orientation planning in 13th Five Year

How entrepreneurial orientation planning in 13th Five Year


13th Five-Year" is coming, in the new five year development plan, we should put the students should be placed in a what kind of position? This is a matter of concern for everyone to think about the topic.

the difficult employment of college students is not difficult? Is it all right for college students to start a business? What is innovation? Entrepreneurial innovation where the problem?

12 5, in Chinese youth talent committee first session of the second Executive Council and the "13th Five-Year" planning with young talent strategy seminar, Beijing Youth Politics College, Dean of Beijing Youth League president, vice president of research Chinese talents of young talents of the green beam will throw out a problem of qi. She thinks, to study the "13th Five-Year" development plan with young talent strategy, first of all to answer the above questions.

Study on the employment of college students: first is to define the concept of good

beam Lvqi remember in a national seminar, a professor at the China Youth University for Political Science published an authoritative data: entrepreneurial success rate of less than 2/10000. Liang Lvqi believes that the first to be defined in the 2/10000 data, how to define the success rate of entrepreneurial innovation and entrepreneurial innovation.

beam Lvqi that also requires a clear reason to what is Entrepreneurship and innovation, national policy, education and university students moral these 3 aspects are likely to lead to entrepreneurial innovation difficulties, should not be blamed on one hand.

"pull a cable at home is not a business? In the school work study to open a bakery is not a business?"

Associate professor Lin Xia of Beijing City University and

"entrepreneurial success should be a consistent problem, and should not be judged by a time node." In Lin Xia’s view, just like Ma and Alibaba, entrepreneurship is a spiral process, a certain period of time does not mean that the failure of the venture did not succeed.

The latest data:

lack of entrepreneurial intention of College Students

in recognition of entrepreneurial environment, 26% of the students believe that the entrepreneurial environment is good, 53% of the students believe that the entrepreneurial environment in general, and another 11% of the students believed that the recommended

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